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I want to disconnect the app from Facebook.

Please follow the steps below to deactivate the link. 【For Smartphones】  1、Open the Facebook application.  2、F […]

How do I change my registered password?

Please click “Forgot your password?” on the login screen and enter your registered e-mail address […]

I forgot my password for login.

Please enter your registered e-mail address after clicking on “Forgot your password?”

I cancelled my membership once, but can I register again?

Yes, you can, but please note that we will not be able to recover any of your data before you canceled your me […]

I want to delete my account, but I don’t know how to cancel my membership.

After logging in, you can cancel your membership from the Member Information page on My Page. When you cancel […]

I haven’t received my registration confirmation e-mail.

Please check the following two points. 1. Is your e-mail address set to receive email from “ […]

When I register my e-mail addresas, are there any e-mail addresses that I cannot use?

Basically, any e-mail address can be used, but please refrain from using the following types of e-mail address […]

Using a Mac/Windows/Linux/Smartphone?

You can use any of them.

Can I register as a corporation?

Of course, you can register as a corporation!

Can I register as a minor?

Even minors can register. ※There are restrictions on the use of some functions.

I’m not a professional creator, but can I register as a member or ask for support?

We welcome students, housewives, office workers, etc., as well as professionals. Anyone who owns the copyright […]

Is it free to register as a member of MIRAIPO startup IPO?
Is there an annual membership fee?

It is free to register as a member of MIRAIPO startup IPO. There is no annual membership fee.

What can I do as a member?

【Project Owner (Originator)】 ・You can create a project and ask for support on the site. (Crowdfunding function […]

How can I start a project?

After registering as a member, please consult the “Start Crowdfunding” section at the bottom of th […]

I paid by credit card. When will I be billed?

The billing date for credit card payments will be after the project end date. Please note that even if the suc […]

Can I start a project even if I don’t have any works yet?

Of course, we can help you raise funds to create your work. We at MIRAIPO startup IPO support creators who wan […]

I supported the project by bank transfer, but the amount is not added to the amount of support being collected.

In the case of a bank transfer, the fund must be transferred after the support procedure. The amount will be r […]

What kind of work can I start a project with?

You can create a project in any genre as long as it does not infringe on copyrights, violate public order and […]

What is a project?

“I want to spread my work to the world!” “I want to try to develop various items! “- It is a presentation page […]

Can I cancel my support?

As stated in the Terms of Use, as a general rule, you cannot cancel your selected return. However, if the proj […]

How can I change the shipping address I registered when I supported the project?

Please check the “Notation Based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions” at the bottom ri […]

How can I support the project?

You can support the project by selecting your desired return from the project page. Please note that you need […]