What you can do with crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Flow


Project Owner

Find a project you want to support and support it!
When reaching the target amount, you will receive a special return (thank you gift)
from the project owner.

Turn your ideas and creations into a concrete project and ask for funds.
When the target amount is reached,
the project owner will send a thank-you gift
to the supporter.

What supporters can do

Find a project Support and encourage Receive your return
You can search for projects that you want to support. You can search by various genres and regions. You are sure to find the project you want to support! Select the return items of the project you want to support, and pay the support fund to complete your support! After your support, you can send a message of support or spread the word on SNS! When the project you supported reaches its target amount, you will receive a special return from the project owner as a form of thanks for your support!

How to support

Credit Card

At MIRAIPO, you can easily support us with Visa and Mastercard.

Bank Transfer

You can easily support the project by bank ATM or internet banking.

What project owners can do

Collect funds PR Creating fan base
You can raise funds to make your dreams come true! Why don't you try crowdfunding to help your dreams take flight? PR activities such as SNS posts and activity reports are key to the success of your project! Our curators will support your PR activities with care. MIRAIPO is an important communication tool to connect you and your fans. Interacting with your supporters will be a great support for your activities!

Two ways to raise funds

All-or-Nothing (post-achievement support type)

When the amount of support reaches the target amount during the application period, the project is approved, and the project owner receives the support fund.

Keep-it-All (immediate support type)

Regardless of the target amount, when even one yen is raised during the application period, the project will be approved, and the project owner will receive the support fund.

How to receive funds

Receipt Account

The collected support fund will be transferred to the bank account designated by the project owner. The bank transfer fee will be paid by MIRAIPO.

Process flow of project

Please feel free to contact us.

Submit your project details.

Your project will be reviewed.

Preparation for publication.

It's time to start!

Send out information via SNS, etc.

The target amount has been raised!

Thanking our supporters.